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Hiring an immigration lawyer can save you a lot of time, money and effort. The procedure of the visa appeal is very sensitive. Many people who does not hire the lawyer gets their visa rejected in no time and they try years and years for it. In some cases, even the people with the lawyers are not able to acquire the visa for quite long time. Therefore, it is very vital to hire a lawyer who is experienced, qualified and reliable so that he could provide you with best services and help you achieve your goal.

In some countries like Australia the law of immigration is very difficult to apprehend because the government changes the laws every now and then. There are even more then 100 of subclasses of visa in Australia and the person needs to know that for which subclass he is applying. A layman having only limited knowledge may have no idea about the 100 subclasses and may only know about one or two. Therefore, it is the duty of the immigration lawyer to choose the subclass which is best suited for the client. The application of visa requires the very details which needs to be correct and complete even the smallest error in the application could be a reason of its rejection. Once your application is rejected, it could cost you a lot of money. In case of Australia the fee for the visa application is around 8000 dollars and the refund of this fee is also very much limited. In order to avoid such rejections which, happen as the result of minor errors an immigration lawyer is hired. Since the lawyer is very much experienced with these applications and may have filled application for more or less every subclass, he can easily highlight the minor errors and makes sure that the appeal for visa gets approved. This is how hiring an immigration lawyer saves your money. 

If any required document that was demanded is missing or is not correct then the department will send back your appeal and will ask you to complete your document and then you will again have to wait for quite time to get through the procedures. Therefore, it is highly likely that if you hire an immigration lawyer in Melbourne who has been in the field for quite time then using his public relations he may reduce the time delays for you. This is how your time and extra effort is also saved by the immigration lawyer.