Types Of Lawyers

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If you don’t land up in law situations too often, you are unlikely to know about different specializations in law practice. It is worthwhile to spend time understanding them so that you approach the right man for your case. We have listed a few types here.

•    Bankruptcy Lawyer: If you have taken a lot of debt and you are in a situation where you can’t return it, you can file for bankruptcy. It is an official statement that announces that you have no funds. Lawyers specialize in this field. They bail you out of situations where lenders come knocking at your door everyday and you have to helplessly hide.
•    Civil Rights Lawyer: The constitution of any country empowers individuals with many rights. There are human rights, voting rights and many other liberties given by law. If somebody tries to prevent you from enjoying them, you can approach a civil rights lawyer.
•    Criminal Lawyer: Just as the name suggests, any criminal offense needs a criminal lawyer. It can be as simple as traffic ticket or it can be as serious as road accident. Crime of any degree comes under this purview.
•    DUI Attorney: It is called Driving Under Influence Attorney. Simply put, if you drink with alcohol in your blood streams, you may be fined by the traffic police. In such cases you can approach a DUI attorney.
•    Employment Lawyer: As an employee if you think that your workplace is unsafe or you are being compensated lower than what law provides for, you can approach an employment lawyer. Even situations like sexual harassment fall under the purview of this lawyer.
•    Family Lawyer: In case you are filing a divorce you can approach a family lawyer. You can also seek his advice in case you intend to fight for child custody after divorce. Even adoption cases need his services.
•    Business Lawyer: If as a business entity you enter into contracts and agreements, you are bonded by their clauses. If any party does not abide by the rules defined, there can be a suit slapped on the other party. A business lawyer can help fight such situations as well as cases of patents or trademarks. There are even Sydney property conveyancing who specialize and sometimes form a sub-set of this group.
•    Estate Lawyer: People tend to make wills to divide and distribute their lifetime earnings amongst their heirs. An estate lawyer can help define the clauses inside it to ensure that there is maximum clarity and there are no disputes later on. In case of disputes or fall outs as well, they can be of help.
•    Public Interest Lawyer: If you see a company or individual undertaking practices that can harm the environment, public interest lawyers can be approached. They fight disability rights and health justice cases as well.

There are many other types and the list is long. It is important to study it and approach the right attorney. A lawyer who specializes can help you use past judgements and case histories to strength your case and help you win.