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After a selling price is established for a certain property, the following step is to hire either a solicitor or a conveyancer. The specialized person will be in charge of transferring the legal ownership from the person who sells to you. This step determines how fast the process will end and in under which conditions, as you can be spending much more money than you should. This is why it is so important to choose carefully and this is only possible if you know more details about the tasks of these specialists and their main responsibilities. After reading this article, you will start to understand what this whole conveyancing thing is all about and therefore you will be prepared to make the right decision.

1. You have to collaborate with a person who is efficient and diligent

Throughout the process of closing the deal, there will be many papers to fill in with information. It is of outmost importance to find a person who will do this carefully, as no errors are admitted, and efficiently, as they have to be finished fast. If the conveyancer does not do his job the way he is supposed to do it, you have high chances to see how everything is delayed or even cancelled.

2. He must be able to keep track of everything that happens

He must remember all the details, even though you are not his only client, and he must be able to answer questions fast. If you choose a conveyancer who is always there for you, who does his job correctly and who is communicative and efficient, you make sure that this period of time will be less stressful for you. And believe us that it can be really stressful. In order to make sure that you will communicate with the specialist as much as you want, you should ask him to provide you with his email address and we advise you to choose a conveyancer who has one, as it is easier and more efficient to communicate through emails.

3. A good communication is your goal too

You must make sure that you explain your suggestions in detail, that you ask questions that are easy to understand, that you are not disorganized and that you are determined. A conveyancer in Melbourne can be willing to explain the topics that you are not familiar with or may want to answer all your questions, but you should understand that he has other clients too and that his time is precious.

4. The conveyancer must be a correct person

Make sure that there will be no hidden costs included in your final bill. Some people make the mistake of choosing a specialist after considering the price, which is unfortunately lower in the beginning, but increases dramatically in the end. If you suspect that your final bill could include these costs, you should try to choose another person, for a better collaboration. Trust is very important and if you start with a bad sign there are high chances to end the collaboration in a different manner than you thought.