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When you want to become an expert in giving legal advices to companies and individuals in the future, you would first need to have the proper education. Legal consultants are people who give advices in various matters depending on their expertise, they can be in the: real estate law, medical law, corporate law and employment law. In this article, you will know the general steps on how to succeed being legal consultants. You will know the process and what it takes in order to be one.

Primary education and certification

1.    Bachelor’s Degree
Of course, it is certain that you would need to have a bachelor’s degree before being a professional. Law school requires a 4-year degree in college whatever course it may be. But, if you are already sure that you want to be a legal consultant someday, it is advisable that you take up courses that already relates to law and the government just like the courses of political science, legal studies or criminal justice. You should also take classes that focus in math, government, history, English, economics and communications. These courses and subjects can help you with your future in law school.

2.    LSAT or Law School Admission Test
After graduating with a 4-year bachelor’s degree, you would need to take an exam called the LSAT. It examines your ability if you can succeed in law school.

3.    Law School Completion
If you have received the LSAT score that you like, you would now need to choose the school where you will attend you law student years. You should complete the Juris Doctor curriculum and graduate, which is the professional degree in law. In here, you will take up classes that focus in contracts, constitutional law, property, criminal law and torts. When you are in the higher year of your law school, you will then need to choose in what area you will be an expert and take up classes that correspond to it.

Getting Experience

Now that you have graduated with a Juris Doctor degree, you would need to have some valuable experience in the field. Some employers prefer to hire a legal consultant that has an experience in the field of legal consulting. In some cases, you would need to get a license in order to practice and get some experience. In order to get a license, you would need to pass the bar exam which will decide whether or not you are qualified to become a professional attorney. Experts advise that students in law school get an experience as soon as possible. There are a lot opportunities for every summer and there are a lot of companies that offer internship for law students. A law student should build their portfolio and resume with good records while in school.